Composer laureate of Salem, Massachusetts


J. M. Smig

Few independent artists have generated as wide a gamut of opinions as J. M. Smig, the musical equivalent of the guy at the party who offends everyone by mooning the camera. But guess what everyone is doing to the camera minutes later? We could cite wannabes who have been connected or influenced one way or another but they threatened to sue. Their loss.

A native of Salem, Massachusetts, Smig is the Witch City's composer laureate (not a difficult achievement, in all honesty). His first album, "Music For Sophisticated Schizophrenics" was noted by Electronic Musician newsletter as "contemporary music for the bizarre at heart...[His] electronica and classical works operate in a style unlike any other."

Other reviews of note:

"Unapologetically strange and jarring, J. M. Smig’s 'Electronica Moronica' is a captivating and enigmatic soundscape of obscure lounge music that will set your five senses electronic and progressive rock instrumental that isn’t afraid to dig its claws into your skull...[It] revels in its fierce abstractness." (Brandon Minia, 24OurMusic)

"'Chamber Music in the New World' brings forth some important discussions about current music trends, the realm of modern orchestral music...a restless compositional philosophy that will not resonate with listeners expecting concise, neatly packaged musical content...interesting musical concepts...undeniably impressive." (Evan Crandell, 24OurMusic)

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